Network use cases

Low cost wifi in India

The Indian telecom market is the second largest in the world. It is growing rapidly and has much headroom for the next few decades. The steady rising demand for data consumption deserves its own equivalent of Moore's law. There is room to serve hundreds of millions of unconnected Indians with high speed low cost internet access.

Low cost wifi in other developing nations

If a low cost network can be setup and operated in India, that model can scale to the billions of other potential customers in underserved developing nations.

5G network neutral offload host

The Dabba network can service as a neutral offload host for existing telecom providers.

5G private networks

The Dabba network is capable of serving as a private 5G network for industrial facilities and remote locations.

Multi-token mining

Instead of the current DePin approach wherein single use hardware devices are deployed, the Dabba network makes a concerted effort to make sure the hardware deployed on the network is capable of mining multiple tokens at the same time thereby increasing the ROI of deployment.

Dabba developer network

The unique hardware capabilities of the Dabba Network allow for the creation of an entirely new class of applications that leverage public wifi networks.

Decentralized app store

New applications developed for the Dabba Network will require a new type of decentralized app store owned and operated by the community.

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