Dabba Foundation

The Dabba Foundation is an entity committed to supporting the Dabba Network and its auxiliary technologies. Its mission is to oversee the construction of an all-encompassing, decentralized mesh of wireless internet driven by the revolutionary Dabba routers and fuelled by the versatile $DABBA tokens. The Dabba Foundation will steward development, maintain the Dabba network protocol’s codebase, and ensure network governance. Its responsibilities span various domains:
  • Orchestrating a seamless transition from a centralized to a decentralized entity.
  • Crafting robust tokenomics for DABBATOKEN and distributing appropriate token incentives.
  • Governing the dynamic elements of the Dabba Universe and aligning everyone with the core objectives.
  • Innovating and building a solid base framework for the Dabba Universe before governance is transferred to the DAO.
  • Educating the community about the multifaceted Dabba Universe.