LCO rewards

Applicable to Local cable operators only

LCO gets paid by hotspot owners in DBT. To maintain QoS and accountability, LCO reward is linked to hotspot upkeep. LCO rewards are broken up into four different categories reflecting proof of coverage and service availability. LCO qualify to earn rewards for meeting one or more pass/fail tests. Rewards are placed on a sliding scale encouraging LCOs to maintain high reliability and uptime.

The system is designed to reward good LCO performance and compensate HOs for any loss of business due to LCO failure.

  1. Heartbeat

A "heartbeat" is data sent by the hotspot indicating that the unit is powered on and all systems are nominal. Heartbeats occur every 60 minutes . Each hotspot is awarded 1 point for a successful heartbeat in each hour, with a maximum of 24 points in the reward period.

  1. Public wifi radio uptime

At least one radio on the hotspot must be transmitting the DABBA public wifi SSID continuously per reward period to be eligible for public wifi rewards. 1 reward point is awarded per continuous hour of radio uptime. A maximum of 24 points in the reward period. Only hotspots with 24 points will be rewarded.

We suggest that hotspot owners may allocate a minimum amount of bandwidth or data cap to the freely accessible public wifi during the genesis period using the tools provided on the Dabba app. This data cap or bandwidth speed is at the hotspot owners discretion.

  1. Latency test

A latency test will be conducted once every reward period at a randomised interval. A maximum of 50ms of latency is acceptable to earn rewards.

  1. Backhaul Upload / Download speed test

A speed test will be conducted once every reward period at a randomised interval. A minimum of 100mbps for download and 20mbps for upload is acceptable to earn rewards.

Example calculations for rewards

All rewards qualification criteria are pass/fail and weighted equally.

Earning category per epoch

CategoryRewards tests passedLCO fee eligibility


✅ ✅ ✅ ✅



✅ ✅ ✅



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