🗓️Token allocation & supply

Majority of tokens go to the community in a predictable schedule

Maximum supply of 10B tokens

Token Allocation

4B tokens are pre-mined and distributed to the Dabba Foundation, Dabba Inc, and Institutional Investors. 6B tokens will be minted and distributed to the community with a fixed supply schedule.

Part 1: 4B Pre-mined tokens distribution




Initial capital

Dabba Foundation


Network Governance

Dabba Inc


Network Development

Operations fund will be administered by the foundation

Part 2: 6B Community token distribution

The entire pool is reserved for hotspot owners (HO) as participation rewards. HO utilises the DBT rewards to deploy, manage & upgrade the network.

10% of the 6B tokens allocated to the HOs are emitted in the first year and token emissions decay at the rate of 10% every year. This is because we believe that early adopters of the network should be rewarded appropriately. Max supply will nearly be fully emitted in 50 years.

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