🔥Burning DBT

DBT is burned when data credits are consumed and hotspots are onboarded

Data credits (DC) are a mechanism to ensure that the price of data to the end consumer is stable and consistent unlike DBT which may vary in value. Data Credits do not expire and 1 DC is equivalent to 1 Gb of data access which is priced at $0.012.


1 Data credit

1 GB


The system is designed as a prepaid model where each hotspot maintains an individual ledger of data credits added & spent from the hotspot. Once the hotspot is commissioned, The backhaul provider loads DCs on to the hotspot by burning DBT.

End consumer looking to access internet will now buy DC from the hotspot by paying in fiat. This fiat is now utilised for paying the ecosystem vendors such as the LCO. Once the hotspot runs out of DCs, the backhaul provider refills the hotspot with DC by burning DBT. Backhaul provider is burning the DBT received from HO as the maintenance fee.

Each DC is worth $0.012. Equivalent of $0.012 DBT is burnt in order to load 1 DC on the hotspot. With an average of 250Gb consumption per hotspot, network will burn $3 worth of DBT every month for each hotspot. This will rise as data consumption rises as well as more utility is added to the network.

  • DC can only be created by burning DBT.

  • Hotspot can only be attached to the Dabba network by burning DBT.

  • Hotspot can only be commissioned by burning DBT.

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