Location owner

Stakeholder who provides physical location access

Allowing the Dabba network to place its hotspots in various locations, whether homes, offices, stadiums, or cafes, offers a mutually beneficial opportunity for location owners to be rewarded with Dabba tokens. By providing physical space for these hotspots, owners contribute to expanding the network's reach and accessibility, thereby creating a robust infrastructure for seamless connectivity. In return for granting access to their premises and the audience within, location owners receive Dabba tokens, incentivizing their participation in this network.

For location owners, this collaboration presents multifaceted advantages. Firstly, hosting Dabba hotspots enhances the overall attractiveness of their venue or property. By offering reliable and high-speed internet access, owners can elevate the experience for their visitors, enhancing customer satisfaction and potentially attracting a broader clientele. This increased footfall or prolonged stay of individuals within their premises not only amplifies engagement but also generates potential for increased revenue streams, whether through increased sales, longer patron stays, or heightened user engagement with their space.

Moreover, by receiving Dabba tokens as compensation, location owners gain a tangible stake in a burgeoning crypto ecosystem. These tokens can be utilized within the Dabba network, potentially offering discounts, exclusive services, or further incentives, thereby creating a cycle of continued engagement and benefit. Additionally, as the value of these tokens may appreciate over time, owners have the potential for capitalizing on their initial support of the network, providing a valuable long-term asset for their participation. Overall, this partnership fosters a symbiotic relationship between location owners and the Dabba network, fostering growth, engagement, and mutual rewards.

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