Hotspot owner

Hotspot owners are not merely hardware owners on the Dabba Network but play a role as a small business operator as well. Each hotspot is an individual business that requires all the right managerial decisions to be taken for in order to be a successful business.

Hotspot owners are building their own little telecom empires within the Dabba network. These owners play a pivotal role in expanding the reach and accessibility of high-quality internet services, while also opening doors to DBT rewards and community engagement.

By purchasing and provisioning Dabba network compatible hotspots in various locations, owners become integral to the network's expansion. They facilitate seamless connectivity for users in homes, offices, cafes, and public spaces, contributing to an enhanced digital experience for individuals within these venues. Hotspot owners not only provide a valuable service but also potentially attract more foot traffic or extended visits to the locations where their hotspots are installed, creating opportunities for increased engagement and business growth.

Dabba lite hardware is priced at $199 (exclusive of tax). Any individual that wishes to participate has to purchase the Dabba network compatible hardware from a whitelisted hardware manufacturer. Presently, Wifi Dabba is the only approved hardware manufacturer. More will be added going forward.

Once purchased, the hotspot owner needs to lease out the hardware to an LCO for provisioning. The cost involved for this service is paid in DBT.

Hotspot onboarding fees (One time)

ProcessDescriptionDBT Equivalent


Hotspot owner needs to attach the hardware to Dabba Platform. For this, HO needs to burn $ 10 worth of DBT to demonstrate proof of ownership. Once attached, HO gets a unique NFT that is the proof of device ownership and all the token rewards for this hotspot will be transferred to the wallet that holds this NFT


LCO leasing

Step 2 involves selecting LCO and location from the available providers. A 7 year lease contract is signed with the selected LCO. HO pays $70 worth of DBT for device commissioning. Once commissioned, LCO will burn $10 worth of DBT to demonstrate proof of work.


Month 1 Backhaul

The HO is loading the hotspot with $10 worth of DBT to activate and cover for the 1st month of backhaul connectivity



The HO selects the marketing provider to promote and market the hotspot availability to end users


Total cost of ownership for 1 hotspot is USD $299. While the $199 (plus tax if any) is paid in fiat to the hardware seller, the balance of $100 is rewarded in DBT to the connectivity enablers by the hotspot owner. The hotspot owner can procure DBT via a DEX or from other available sources.

One time relocation or LCO switch is complimentary per hotspot. Additional hotspot relocation request or change in LCO will result in fee paid in DBT equivalent of $70.

Ongoing hotspot fees

After deployment, maintaining a hotspot in active service is a continuous process that requires other stakeholders to be incentivized on an ongoing basis. The hotspot owner having received 100% of the rewards proportionate to their ownership of the network is required to distribute those rewards to the necessary stakeholders required to maintain active service.

Each stakeholder can set their required reward to ensure a competitive marketplace. Stakeholders can set reward requirements as a fixed number or as a percentage of the hotspot owner's reward per epoch. This will be paid in DBT at a fixed percentage from the rewards earned by HO.

StakeholderRole% of HO epoch reward


Uptime, customer care - based on LCO reward test

7.5% - 30%

Backhaul provider

Bandwidth delivery


Hardware manufacturer

Warranty & Service


Location owner

Physical installation space


The Dabba explorer will provide a wallet in which the hotspot owner can use a prepaid store where they transfer DBT to which are then deducted on an epochal basis and transferred to the relevant stakeholder. The hotspot owner needs to topup these rewards via the Dabba explorer. Failure to do so will result in pausing of epoch rewards, late payment fees and ultimately lease getting lapsed with hotspot being removed from the network.

Ultimately, becoming a hotspot owner in the Dabba ecosystem empowers individuals to contribute to a more connected world and presents avenues for potential rewards and engagement within a thriving digital ecosystem.

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