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What is the Dabba network and the Dabba token ?

The Dabba Network is a Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network that is building high speed wireless networks from the ground up in India. Dabba Network uses the Dabba token to incentivize its community and stakeholders to build the network.

Demand for data in India is skyrocketing, according to Nokia MBiT Index 2023

  • Data traffic jumped 3.2x in last five years and reached 14.4 Exabyte in 2022

  • Average data per user per month grew 2x in last five years

  • Mobile data in India will grow more than double by 2024.

Bringing high speed internet for the next 500 million users

Relative to its population, India lags behind most other countries in broadband penetration. The US has 112M broadband connections, China has 612M connections, whereas India has only 30M. Unlike developed telecom markets that normally have a few near-monopoly service providers, the developing Indian market is still in its growth stage with high fragmentation and no clear winners as yet.Using the principles of DePin networks, Dabba aims to aggregate the over 150,000 Local Cable Operators (LCO) in India. We will provide them with hardware, software, marketing, customer support and access to low cost capital to scale their existing networks. Today, the average LCO has a subscriber base of about 300 connections. Given the density of unconnected homes & small businesses, each LCO has a market opportunity to grow their customer base by 10x. Dabba will enable each of these LCOs by providing the necessary tools and means to scale their networks.The roles of stakeholders in the network can be expressed in two categories:

  1. Connectivity enablers whose role is the physical creation, deployment and maintainance of the network. These stakeholders are LCOs, hardware manufacturers, hotspot owners, location owners and backhaul providers.

  2. Connectivity users who consume data on the network.

The Dabba token uses a mint and burn model and will launch on a blockchain TBD. The Dabba token has a maximum supply of 10B and has a fixed emission schedule. Tokens are rewarded to connectivity enablers in return for helping create the network. Tokens are burned when users consume data on the network.​

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