Dabba inc

About the company

Dabba Inc is a pioneer in building and operating low cost public wifi networks in India. Founded in 2017, Dabba Inc has has deployed thousands of hotspots across India at retail, residential and commercial locations serving users with super fast, super cheap internet. Demand for data in India is roughly doubling every 18 months and Wifi Dabba is building a new data only network for a data hungry generation.
The team of consists of phds in hardware, full-stack software engineers and MBA's in Bengaluru. Founders are Shubhendu and Karam. Follow them here on Twitter.


We discovered the blockchain and Helium. Spent the year learning about DePin. Design and development of the Dabba Pro begins. Raised funding from some of the best investors in crypto.
Launched a public/private partnership to sell revenue sharing rights for Bangalore city. Sold all 100 PoPs to expand the laser mesh in Bangalore city.
FSOC goes live - First FSOC link goes live in partnership with Google X. We hit operational profitability.
Middle mile distribution. Two member team start work on building our own backhaul solution. FSOC - finalized on laser tech to build a scalable & affordable middle mile solution. Google partnership - deployed Wifi for Google station. One hundred highrise buildings. Crossed this milestone while being the first choice for ISP services for brands like HDFC, OYO, Nestaway, Colive and others. 1st Product patent - Filed to modernize the optical fiber to work as a active link.
Spent 3 month in Shenzhen. Learnt how to build routers and manufacture them at scale. Started shipping our own routers with custom OS and batteries. Starting to learn about and hit scale issues like Partner ISPs & LCOs unable to provide reliable & cheap backhaul. Built & deployed 1st PDO in India. Inaugurated by Telecom minister of India.
Started working on Internet wifi Policy for India with TRAI & DoT. First engineer hired. 500+ locations. Largest public wifi network in city of Bangalore. Raised pre-seed from YC & other valley based investors.
First hotspot built over RasberyPi launched in a bakery shop opposite to our office in IndiraNagar, Bangalore. Expanded to 10 locations with 15% growth week over week. Accepted into Y Combinator.

Learn more at www.dabba.com