Earning Dabba

How to earn Dabba tokens


There are two primary dimensions by which we value the network - coverage and data consumption - and the amount of DABBA that connectivity enablers earn is calcuated accordingly. Specific weights and functions can be adjusted by the Dabba Foundation to balance the economics of the network from time to time. This system of incentives is critical to sustaining a healthy and valuable network over time for consumers.
Dabba's goal is for consumers to get high speed internet access at a fair price and for all network contributors to earn a fair reward in return for providing that access. Fairness is a combination of utility and access. Anyone, located anywhere, can contribute and be rewarded their share of Dabba token for making quality contributions that help grow the Dabba Network.

Connectivity enablers

Contributors can earn Dabba tokens by performing any of these roles:
  • ​Hotspot Owner – Own a Dabba hotspot that provides internet access through wifi
  • ​Hardware manufacturer – Makes compatible hardware for the Dabba network
  • ​Local cable operator – Provide installation, maintainance and marketing services for hotspot deployment
  • ​Backhaul provider – Provides the physical connectivity to the internet
  • ​Location owner – Provides access to the physical location where hotspot is installed
These activities will be rewarded with tokens on a per epoch basis in proportion to their contribution to the network.

Contribute to multiple roles at the same time

A single entity may play multiple roles at the same time and be eligibile for rewards from multiple buckets. For example, if the same person owns a hotspot and installs it in their house, and provides the broadband internet connection they would be eligibile for rewards from the Hotspot Owner and Backhaul provider buckets respectively.

Reward Period

Rewards are distributed on a per epoch basis. An epoch is 24 hours. The start date is when the token goes live on mainnet.