Hardware manufacturer

Hotspots that power the network

For hardware manufacturers, building compatible hotspots within the Dabba network presents a unique opportunity to tap into a burgeoning market while contributing to the evolution of connectivity infrastructure. By creating devices tailored to integrate seamlessly with the Dabba ecosystem, manufacturers position themselves at the forefront of a growing network, opening avenues for increased market visibility and potential revenue streams.

Dabba Inc will be the first hardware manufacturer with the introduction of the Dabba Lite.

Designing and producing compatible hotspots for the Dabba network not only expands the manufacturer's product portfolio but also aligns with the burgeoning demand for reliable and accessible internet connectivity. These devices can be customized to meet the specific requirements of diverse locations, ensuring optimal performance and user experience. This customization potential offers manufacturers a competitive edge, allowing them to cater to a wide array of venues, from homes and offices to public spaces like stadiums and cafes.

Moreover, being part of the Dabba network presents manufacturers with an opportunity to establish long-term partnerships. As the network grows, the demand for compatible hardware will likely surge, creating a steady market for these specialized devices. Additionally, by receiving tokens as incentives for producing compatible hotspots, manufacturers gain a stake in the success of the network.

This alignment of interests encourages ongoing innovation, as manufacturers strive to create more efficient, cost-effective, and feature-rich devices to further enhance the Dabba ecosystem.

Ultimately, building compatible hotspots offers hardware manufacturers not only immediate market opportunities but also the potential for sustained growth within an evolving and expanding network infrastructure landscape.​

Dabba Inc will not begin to receive this share until the second hardware manufacturer joins the network.

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