Multi-token is the killer app

The hardware on the Dabba network is designed to support as many tokens as possible


At present users pay for individual DePIN hardware devices – usually in the hundreds of dollars for each device to receive steady income stream managed and maintained in different token denomination & different wallets across multiple chains. The challenge is mass adoption. How many individual hardware devices can the average user deploy and manage?
The Dabba network aims to makes it simple for users to mine multiple tokens in one place. This approach makes it easy to rollout DePIN infra otherwise an expensive, cumbersome & complicated network to rollout.
The hardware on the Dabba network is designed to support as many tokens as possbile. The killer app on the hardware is managing multiple tokens in a single smooth interface. This means that the process and manner with which tokens are hosted on the hardware should be smoothly onboarded and interfaced. The goal of the Dabba network is to participate respectfully in as many comunities as possible to work towards bringing their token to the Dabba hardware.
Open source projects and crypto projects have a variety of governance and participation structures that wil have to be interfaced with as tokens are onboarded.

Helium HIP-64 - Wifi SubDao

The Dabba Pro and Dabba Lite are capable as serving as Helium wifi hotspots along with being able to run other applications. The Dabba foundation will do its utmost to work with the Helium community on a Helium Improvement Proposal to create a framework that is satisfactory to all.
The goal is to learn from this process and establish a framework to work with communities of other projects in the future.