The India market


The Indian telecom market is the second largest in the world. It is growing rapidly and has much headroom for the next few decades. The steady rising demand for data consumption deserves its own equivalent of Moore's law.

The key metrics

1.4 billion
4g subscribers
750 million
5g subscribers
10 million
Broadband subscribers
33 million
There is a tremendous amount of room for growth for broadband using wifi


Notable data points

India currently has the world’s second-largest subscriber base of 1.17 bn.
India is aiming to manufacture mobile phones worth $126 Bn by 2025-26.
The average monthly data consumption per wireless data subscriber has also increased by 22,605% to 16.40 GB in June 2022 from 61.66 MB in March 2014.
As per GSMA, India is on its way to becoming the second-largest smartphone market globally by 2025 with around 1 Bn installed devices and is expected to have 920 Mn unique mobile subscribers by 2025 which will include 88 Mn 5G connection
India added over 500 Mn new smartphone users over the last decade. We are expected to have 850 Mn smartphone users by 2026, representing ~55% of the total population.
Average revenue realization per subscriber per GB wireless data reduced to Rs. 10.29 in June, 2022 from Rs. 268.97 in December 2014, a reduction of more than 96.17%.