Dabba Pro

Wifi routers occupy a unique space in our homes, offices, and retail stores. They connect all our devices and serve as a gateway to the internet. They usually have a stable internet connection and a person responsible for when it goes down.
Despite this central position in our ecosystem of personal electronics, the humble wifi router has largely led a placid and mostly unchanged existence. Speeds have improved reasonably as well as advancements in consumer mesh devices that can cover a large home. Meanwhile, our phones, bluetooth speakers, televisions, gaming consoles, and even fridges have gotten dramatic upgrades in computing power, storage, and memory - making these devices more useful by allowing them to run multiple programs at the same time.
Dabba Pro corrects this evolutionary stagnation of wifi routers by packing in dramatic hardware upgrades while maintaining a small and beautiful form factor. This hardware upgrade not only means that the Dabba Pro is a more useful wifi router, but also that it can be a useful resource for the internet itself by sharing its powerful compute and storage resources. These new hardware capabilities enable a whole new world of real-world applications that will improve our lives.
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Early 2022 vlog -- some things may have changed since then