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Decentralized market place for WiFi connectivity in India

The Dabba network enables a decentralized marketplace to aggregate providers of connectivity with people who need connectivity. The marketplace includes all the stakeholders necessary to sucessfully deliver high speed internet access via wifi to end consumers needing connectivity.

These stakeholders include local cable operators, hotspot owners, end consumers who need internet, location owners, bandwidth providers and hardware manufacturers.

The marketplace is a token along with an associated series of smart contracts on the Solana blockchain that sets the token incentive allocation to each party. This ensures a transparent and fair distribution to all stakeholders relative to their value contributed to the network. Allocations can be amended over time through Dabba Improvement Proposals.

How each stakeholder interacts with the marketplace:

Hotspot owners

Anyone anywhere in the world can buy a hotspot and choose a local cable operator to deploy that hotspot, thereby helping data consumers access the internet.

Local cable operator

Local cable operators list their networks on the marketplace, displaying their existing networks along with capabilities and reputational indicators such as uptime, customer reviews, etc. Competition arises between local cable operators to attract hotspot owners to choose their networks for deployment.

Data consumers

Data consumers browse local cable operators on the network and choose the best service provider for them.

Location owners

Location owners who own multiple locations or large venues list their locations for installation. Local cable operators and hotspot owners compete for installation rights.

Bandwidth providers

Bandwidth providers offer core internet connectivity. This allows local cable operators and location owners to access competitive backhaul pricing.

Hardware manufacturers

Hardware manufactures list their hotspots with capabilities that compete for local cable operator and hotspot owners' requirements.

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